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Self Healing Ceramic Coatings

Keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

FEYNLAB'S Self-healing technology is a breakthrough paint protection solution for all vehicles.

The most innovative paint protection has been tested for four years prior to release to the public, and is available now at Pure Precision Custom Detailing. Using nano technology, FEYNLAB has created a smart, self-healing ceramic coating that uses nano particle-infused ceramic polymer chains that allow for superior protection for your vehicle, as well as the capacity to "heal" itself through heating. Sound complicated? It can be, but here's what you really need to know - FEYNLAB's self healing ceramic coating offers:

  • Superior chemical resistence
  • A super hydro-phobic exterior, causing water to bead and release instantly
  • Incredibly high heat and UV protection levels
  • Scratch-resistance and the capacity to heal light swirl marks and micro-defects
  • High gloss, beautiful finish
  • Extreme durability
  • Supreme protection for your vehicle's paint for years

All these benefits can be yours when you bring your vehicle to Pure Precision Custom Detailing. We are licensed by FEYNLAB and are able to hand-apply their high-tech coating to your vehicle. The following options are available now:

FEYNLAB Self Heal Lite - $1499 for cost of application (5 year warranty)
FEYNLAB Self Heal Plus - $2499 for cost of application (7 year warranty)

Call or email us today to schedule your appointment and keep your car looking its best for years, through the Florida sun, storms and more!