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Paint Correction (Buffing)

Our Paint Correction Package includes machine compounding to remove some of the deeper defects in your paint. A test spot is performed to decipher exactly which combination of tools and products will be used to reach the best possible results. After compounding with a more aggressive polishing compound, we follow up with a finishing polish to remove hazing induced by compounding. The outcome will be night and day. Your paint will look much deeper, shinier, and free of those agitating swirls and defects. Come see why our customers consider us the best auto detailing service in the Tampa Bay Area!


  • Thorough, delicate wash performed
  • Wheels, Wheel Wells and Tires are cleaned and dressed
  • Wheels receive protective sealant to aid in future cleaning
  • Clay Treatment performed to remove contaminants imbedded in your clear coat, windows and chrome
  • Machine compounding performed with a heavy cutting compound. In most cases this will remove 75-95+% of defects from your painted surfaces. One pass included. Heavily marred vehicles may require multiple passes.
  • Machine Polish performed for gloss enhancement and to remove any hazing left from compounding
  • High Quality Sealant (wax) applied to enhance shine and protect your paint for 3-6 months. (Option to upgrade to Opti-Coat Pro and/or Gloss-Coat)


Prices for this level of paint correction can vary greatly from one vehicle to another depending on paint hardness, amount of defects, size of vehicle and desired results. Your paint must be inspected in person and, in most cases, have a test spot preformed in order to estimate the amount of labor required.

With this package, customers have an option to upgrade from a sealant (wax) to a permanent coating. Opti-Coat essentially adds an additional, harder, ceramic clear coat to your vehicle which cross-links to your vehicles preexisting clear coat. This coating is much more scratch resistant than a traditional clear coat, adds intense gloss, and resists bug and bird etchings. Your car will stay cleaner longer and clean easier for years to come!   Click here to read more.