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New Vehicle Prep and Protect

Purchasing a new vehicle? We offer the very best options for future protection and comfort. Pure Precision Custom Detailing is your one stop shop for paint correction, protective coatings, clear bra (PPF) and window tint.


  • Vehicle is carefully hand washed and inspected for defects
  • Any unwanted dealer stickers, logos and/or emblems removed
  • Clay Treatment performed to remove contaminants embedded in your clear coat, windows and chrome
  • All exterior surfaces (paint, wheels, hard plastic) receive a permanent protective coating, Opti-Coat Pro
  • Opti-Coat Pro + is applied over Opti-Coat Pro to add more protection, incredible gloss and a slick feel
  • Opti-Glass Pro is applied to exterior windows and windshield for multiple years of extreme water resistance
  • Highest quality window tint professionally installed (Lifetime warranty)
  • Clear bra installed on any exterior panel desired. This film is laser cut to properly fit each individual vehicle ensuring that no edges will be visible. This film is invisible to the naked eye.


  • All visible surfaces are thoroughly cleaned
  • Fabric, leather and vinyl are protected with Opti-Guard Pro

Your vehicle will be protected with the most advanced products available. 7 year warranty included for Opti-Coat Pro Plus
5 year warranty included for Opti-Guard Pro Leather, Vinyl, Fabric
10 year warranty included for Clear Bra, Lifetime warranty included for window tint