Wash & Wax + Interior

Our Wash & Wax package is designed for the daily driver that is due for a quick freshening up and an application of paint protection. This package does not include removal of defects (swirls, heavy water spots, etc.) from your vehicle’s painted exterior, but will remove dirt and grime covering up its true reflection and deliver 3-6 months of protection and added shine.


  • Thorough, delicate wash performed
  • Wheels, Wheel Wells and Tires are cleaned and dressed
  • Wheels receive protective sealant to aid in future cleaning
  • Clay Treatment performed to remove contaminants embedded in your clear coat, windows and chrome
  • High Quality Sealant applied to enhance shine and protect your paint for 3-6 months


  • All visible surfaces are wiped clean, including your dash, cup holders, gauges, door jams, foot pedals
  • A thorough vacuum of interior
  • Glass cleaned, streak-free


  • $175
  • 3-6 Hours

  • Carpet Shampoo – Starting at $40 for lightly soiled vehicles
  • Machine Polished – Starting at $250
  • Machine Compounding – Starting at $475
  • Opti-Coat Pro (Ceramic coating with an available 5 year warranty)
  • Gloss-Coat (Protective coating with a proven 2-3 year durability)
  • Opti-Glass Pro (Water resistant coating that can be applied to glass with multi-year durability)