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Wash & Wax (Exterior)

This Package is designed for the driver who is satisfied with the conditions of their vehicles interior. We work on your vehicles exterior only. Please keep in mind that, although this package is titled “Wash & Wax” a high quality sealant is applied as opposed to your traditional wax, leaving behind 3-6 months of protection

  1. We start by cleaning your wheels, wheel wells & tires. This step removes built up break dust and prepares your wheels to allow adhesion of the sealant applied during step 5.
  2. Thorough, delicate wash performed.
  3. We then perform a clay treatment to remove all embedded contaminants from your paint, chrome and windows.
  4. Your Vehicle is now dried.
  5. The last step is to apply a protective sealant to all exterior surfaces (This includes your wheels and glass).

Package Pricing

Exterior Only 2-4 Hours – Starting at $95

Package Upgrades Available

  • Machine Polished – Starting at $250
  • Machine Compounding – Starting at $475
  • Opti-Coat Pro (Ceramic coating with an available 5 year warranty)
  • Gloss-Coat (Protective coating with a proven 2-3 year durability)
  • Opti-Glass Pro (Water resistant coating that can be applied to glass with multi-year durability)