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Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job and its Resale Value

Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job and its Resale Value

Auto ceramic coatings in Clearwater, FL and surrounding areas

You want to make sure your ride continues to look its best while protecting its exterior from scratches, chips and minor paint damage. Doing so is a piece of cake when you hire Pure Precision Custom Detailing for ceramic coating services.
A ceramic coating on your car will:

  • Eliminate the need for waxing
  • Protect your paint job from oxidization
  • Prevent chemical staining or etching
  • Enhance the glossy appearance of your ride

Schedule an appointment for ceramic coating services in the Clearwater, FL area by calling Pure Precision Custom Detailing today.

Using top-of-the-line ceramic coatings to make your vehicle shine

Rest easy knowing your car or truck will be protected year-round. Choose ceramic coating services from Pure Precision Custom Detailing in Clearwater, FL.
Our team relies on products from industry-leading coating manufacturers, including;
  • Opti-Coat Pro Plus
  • SB3 Alpha
  • Optimum Paint Guard
  • Optimum Gloss-Coat
  • FEYNLAB Heal Plus
  • FEYNLAB Ceramic Plus
  • FEYNLAB Heal Light

Get in touch with the ceramic coating specialists at Pure Precision Custom Detailing today for a consultation.